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Simplecom CM461 HDMI Adapter Composite AV to HDMI Converter for Nintendo NGC N64 SNES SFC

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This adapter converts N64, GameCube, Super NES, SFC consoles composite analog video to digital HDMI for modern HDTV. It up-scale video to 1080p, both video and audio are integrated into the HDMI output, providing all-digital signal to HDTV.
Plug and play, no external power needed, simply plug this adapter into your retro Nintendo console, then connect an HDMI cable from the converter to your HDTV, you can enjoy retro games on your modern HDTV.
Also, video aspect ratio is easily selectable with a switch on the device, you can select 4:3 mode to avoid video being stretched to 16:9 on widescreen HDTV.

Support N64, GameCube, Super NES, SFC consoles
Converts and up-scales console composite signal to 1080p HDMI output
Supports NTSC and PAL consoles
Both video and audio are integrated into the HDMI output
Support 4:3 and full screen mode with a toggle switch
Plug and play, no external power needed
Easy to install, compact and portable

Model: CM461
Inputs: N64/NGC/SNES/SFC Composite output
Outputs: HDMI
AV Standard Support: PAL, NTSC
HDMI Output: 1080p
Dimensions: 60mm(W)x38mm(D)x 15mm(H)
Weight: 40g

Important Note:
The HDMI adapter only converts the composite video signal from the console, and can't improve the graphic quality, RGB signal from the console is not supported
This HDMI adapter is powered by console itself, no external power needed
If you can't see any video output, try to clean the console video output port, you can dip a cotton swab with alcohol and gently wipe the inside of the video port of the game console