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Bibal Insole 2X Set 3-Size Combo Gel Half Insoles Shoe Inserts Arch Support Foot Pad

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Bibal Insole 2X Half Insoles Shoe Inserts 3-Size Combo Gel Arch Support Foot Pad

Whether you plan on walking a few miles per day, playing an active sport, or standing all day for work, finding the right shoe insoles are vital for everyone.

Some insoles in the market are too rigid that you may find them unable to alleviate foot pain. This can result in limited mobility and movement.

Our Half Bibal Insole implements a urethane gel (rather than silicone) design that provides excellent cushioning, superb durability and resilience. and its injected eco-friendly TPU film not only gives your feet structural support, but also excellent shock absorption and grip that allows your feet to handle the impact over rough, rocky, or uneven surfaces. These insoles are made in South Korea, taking a genuine interest in making your life better. We seek the best functional insoles by choosing good materials. Not to mention, the injected TPU film itself is durable enough to return to its original state even after being stepped on by a vehicle.

The semi-rigid arch support helps you with good posture, responsible for the balance of the whole body, bearing 120% of your body weight. It also features \'YongCheon\' Acupressure point, while you are walking, the pressure on this point stimulates blood circulation, reducing body fatigue. It is suitable for those who have an arch height of less than 3 cm.

How to use / proper care:

  • For best fit, remove your existing insole and replace it with Bibal Insole.
  • Place the insole, holding it in place as you slide your foot in it.
  • Clean with running water, air dry.

Recommended Shoe Type:

  • Dress shoes, ankle boots, walkers, loafer shoes, crocs.

Product Features:

  • Strong support
  • Shock absorption cushion
  • Great grip and fit
  • Durable arch support
  • For all-day use
  • Improve unbalanced posture
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Reduce body fatigue
  • Support normal, flat feet and hollow arch

Product Included:

  • 2 Pair x Insole (S)
  • 2 Pair x Insole (M)
  • 2 Pair x Insole (L)

Product Specification:

Model: Im.Arch Half
Colour: Blue
Main Material: Urethane gel
Arch Support Material: TPU
Size: S,M,L
Foot Size Chart: Refer to the listing photo