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4 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System Rack Mountable LCD Display MIC98

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4 Channel Wireless Professional Microphone System
Range: up to 70M
Mics are Battery Operated (batteries included)
Comes Complete with Plastic Hard Carry Case
Input Voltage: 12V DC 600 mAh
Power: 7W

520.1 MHz (Handheld microphone)
525.1 MHz (Handheld microphone)
685.9 MHz (Headset)
676.7 MHz (Headset)

Technical Specs:

Transmitter (Body pack):
Frequency Response: UHF500-700MHz
Stability: <0.002%
RF Power Output 30mW
Current Loss: <150mA
Condenser pickup
Battery: 1.5V x 2

Receiver (Desktop):
Sensitivity: 2uV (sinad=12dB)
Spurious rejection >80dB
Image rejection: >80dB
SNR: >90dB
AF Output: 0-300mV
Receiving channel: 4 channel
Power: DC12V-18V
Power consumption 7W
Complies with 2015 ACMA Spectrum requirements

Item Includes:
2 x Headset Microphones
2 x Handheld Microphone
2 x Body pack Transmitters
1 x Digital Display Receiver with 2 antennas
1 x Power Supply
1 x 6.35mm Line out cable
4 x AA Batteries
1 x Hard Carry Case
1 x Instruction Manual